Pre-close Transaction Support

IT Due Diligence

At Renna Partners, we’ve seen just about everything there is to see when it comes to the technology makeup of middle market companies.  We put this vast experience to work for you by rapidly getting to the heart of the matter prior to your investment.  We have a comprehensive approach to identify key technology risks and opportunities as well as outline key steps to take post-close.

Software and Digital Due Diligence

For investment targets where the most material asset of the business is generating revenue directly from software or technology, Renna Partners provides keen insights into the functional and technical aspects of the provider’s technology.  Our assessment takes a holistic approach which includes assessing the process (i.e., product management and SDLC practices) and tools for maintaining customer-facing technology.

Carve-out Planning

Carve-outs can be extraordinarily complex and technology is often the most complex part. Renna Partners has deep experience with navigating clients through these types of transactions.  We have worked on many complex carve-out transactions ensuring that the new, standalone company is set up for success.

Merger Integration Planning

Integrating the technology of multiple companies can be difficult, complex, and ultimately can have a direct impact, either negatively or positively, on the financial thesis of the transaction.  We have the experience and knowledge to help you plan a successful integration while ensuring the financial success of the deal is met.